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Maximus 804 Lift-Off - Automatic Cluster

Maximus 804 Lift-Off - Automatic Cluster

  • Product Information

    MAXIMUS Series 

    Automatic Microcluster Systems for Lithography Processes
    in the Semiconductor Industry

    The fully-automated microcluster systems of the Maximus Series are designed for single-substrate production processes in the semiconductor industry. The system platform handles wafer sizes from Ø 2” up to Ø 750 mm and substrate sizes from 2” x 2” up to 500 mm x 500 mm. According to the process requirements all Maximus systems can be equipped flexibly with different process units like coater, developer, cleaner, hot, cool and primer plates. The Maximus Series provides all features needed for state of the art production tasks like thin-wafer handling, UV curing or Lift-Off.

    MAXIMUS 804 Lift-Off

    Ø 2” up to Ø 8” |  2” x 2” up to 6” x 6”
    Typical chemicals: NMP, DMSO

    The Maximus 804 Lift-Off is a dedicated system for high throughput single wafer processes. It is equipped with an immersion soaking bath, a high pressure spray Lift-Off cleaning unit and a final cleaning unit. The highest level of cleanliness is guaranteed through the automatic end-effector change.

    The System consists of:

    • Cabinet MAXIMUS 804 made of stainless steel
    • Glass doors for process area
    • Stainless steel doors for media / maintenance area
    • 3-axis robot, class 1
    • End effectors vacuum standard for Ø 4”, Ø 6” wafer
    • End effectors vacuum standard for Ø 8”wafer
    • Flat touch screen monitor 
    • Computer as controller and user interface
    • Cassette loading plates for wafer up to Ø 8“ cassette as I/O
    • Pre-alignment for wafers up to Ø 8“
    • Remote control, for quick log file checking for service and maintenance purposes via modem, ISDN interface or USB stick
    • Software for easy programming of station recipes and flow recipes at the system or on a connected PC
    • CE marked system
    • An ENGLISH manual on standard paper and a CD-ROM 

    Technical Data:

    • Voltage: UAC= 3 x 208 V / N / PE / 60 Hz / 32A or UAC= 3 x 400 V / N / PE / 50 Hz / 32A
    • Spinner System:
    • Motor speed: 1 up to 10,000 rpm in 1rpm steps (depending on substrate size and load)
    • Motor acceleration ramp: 1 up to 50,000 rpm/sec in steps 1rpm/sec (depending on substrate size and load) 
    • Spinning time: 0.1 up to 999sec in 0.1sec steps
    • Standard drain: 5 liter waste tank with high-level sensor inside the cabinet
    • Pressure: Clean Dry Air (CDA) 8  ± 2 bar
    • Vacuum: -0.8 ± 0.2 bar
    • Nitrogen N2 (optional): 4.0 ± 0.5 bar
    • Exhaust connection lift- off bath:1 x OD110mm, up to 200 m3/h
    • Exhaust connection high pressure module: 1 x OD110mm, up to 200 m3/h
    • Exhaust connection cleaner module: 1 x OD110mm, up to 200 m3/h
    • Exhaust connection cabinet: 3 x OD140mm, each up to 300 m3/h

This is a customizable product with a very large amount of options available. Please contact our sales department for more information and support to get a product customized to your needs.

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