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OPTIwet ST30 Chamber

Semiconductor Machines

  • Single wafer/substrate processing

  • Cleaning and Etching systems

  • Coating machines

  • Heating/cooling and HMDS plates

  • Fully automatic processing machines


Innovative | Inspiring | Modern

Welcome. We are Robotechnik Europe GmbH. Our innovative products and smart business ideas inspire the entire industry. Our technology was recognized by the current market leaders and is setting new trends. This fills us with pride and lets us look confidently into the future. Curious? Click through our website and contact us if you have any questions or would like an offer.

Robotechnik Europe GmbH is a company that is active in mechanical engineering and in the growing sector of renewable energies with visual inspection and semiconductors. It was founded in 2013 as Degotec GmbH and transferred to Robotechnik Europe GmbH in 2018.

With our seven highly qualified employees and our partner network, we equip customers all over the world with inspection machines and process systems.

We are one of the largest manufacturers of inspection solutions in the solar industry and, together with our partners, have secured a strong position in the Asian-dominated market.

Our goal is to make our innovative products smarter, better and more user-friendly every day.

Our most valuable resource are our employees. Our team of engineers, programmers and designers works tirelessly to identify, understand and implement the needs of our customers.

Maximus 804
OPTspray ST30
Maximus 806
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