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Maximus 802 - Automatic Cluster

Maximus 802 - Automatic Cluster

  • Product Information

    The future technology in the semi conductor industry and production-
    fully automatic and programmable cassette-to-cassette micro-cluster system:

    MAXIMUS 802 Micro system

    • Automatic Spin Coating and Developing System, with Hotplates
      for wafers up to Ø 8" (Ø 200mm) or substrates up to 6" x 6"
      (150mm x 150mm)

    The System consists of:

    • 1 Cabinet MAXIMUS 802
    • 1 3-axis robot
    • 1 End effector vacuum standard for Ø 125mm and Ø 150mm wafer
    • 1 Flat touch screen monitor
    • 1 Computer as controller and user interface
    • 2 Cassette loading plates for wafer up to Ø 8"cassettes as I/O
    • 1 Touch less video pre-alignment for wafers up to Ø 8"
    • 1 Light beacon (red , yellow , green )
    • 1 Remote control, for quick log file checking for service and maintenance purposes via modem or ISDN interface
    • 1 Software for easy programming of station recipe and flow recipe
    • at the system or on a connected PC
    • 1 CE marked system
    • 1 ENGLISH manual on standard paper and a CD-ROM

    Technical Data:

    • Voltage: UAC= 3 x 400 V / N/PE/50 Hz/16A
    • Spinner System: Motor speed: 1 up to 10,000rpm in 1rpm steps (depending on substrate size and load)
    • Motor acceleration ramp: 1 up to 50,000 rpm/sec in steps 1rpm/sec (depending on substrate size and load)
    • Spinning time: 0.1 up to 999sec in 0.1sec steps 
    • Process bowl: Standard made of Polypropylene (PP)
    • Standard drain: 5 liter waste tank with high-level sensor inside the cabinet
    • Pressure: Clean Dry Air (CDA) 8 ± 2 bar
    • Vacuum: -0.8 ± 0.2 bar
    • Nitrogen N2 (optional): 4.0 ± 0.5 bar
    • Exhaust connection spinner module: OD110mm, 200m3/h
    • Exhaust connection hotplate stacker: OD110mm, 200m3/h
    • Exhaust connection cabinet: OD110mm, 200m3/h
    • Exhaust connection controller: OD110mm, 200m3/h

This is a customizable product with a very large amount of options available. Please contact our sales department for more information and support to get a product customized to your needs.

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