Our company, founded in 2013 as Degotec GmbH, currently employs six highly qualified, committed employees. We are mainly active in the fields of renewable energy and semiconductors. Here we realize with our network of strong partners inspection machines and process equipment for customers around the world.


The Robotechnik Europe GmbH is one of the largest manufacturers of inspection solutions in solar manufacturing. With our partners, we have an excellent position in the Asian-dominated market.

Our vocation

The aim of our innovative and clever technology is to make our products a little bit better and more user-friendly every day. Since 2013, our team of engineers, programmers, designers and marketing experts, together with our partner network, has worked hard to make Robotechnik Europe GmbH one of the best companies in our industry.


We see our employees and their potential as one of the most valuable resource that we value .. Our international team proud of the many new challenges.


In order to offer the best solutions, we spend a lot of time and effort with market research to understand the needs and desires of our customers. We will continue to work tirelessly to make sure our company is one of the first contacts within our business.

Our History

  • Founded in 2013 as Degotec GmbH, acquisition of business data from ATMvision AG, 3 employees

  • 2014 opening of the Chinese market by large orders for inspection systems for the solar Banche, sales of 2.8 million euros, 5 employees

  • 2016 Expansion of the business premises by more offices and a large production area.

  • 2017 Redesign of entrance and development department, minimalist white design, electrically adjustable desks.

  • 2018 Transfer of the business into today's Robotechnik Europe GmbH

  • 2019 Development of a universal machine platform for inspection machines

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