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OPTIcoat ST30 - Spin Coating

OPTIcoat ST30 - Spin Coating

  • Product Information

    The future technology in the semiconductor industry and production-
    Stand-Alone Spin Coating System "Covered Chuck" within process:

    OPTIcoat ST 30

    • Stand - Alone Spin Coating System with "Covered Chuck"
      technology for Wafers up to Ø 12" (Ø 300 mm) and substrates
      up to 9" x 9" (225 mm x 225 mm), for traditional open bowl or
      covered chuck spinning 

    System consists of:

    • Stand - Alone cabinet with all process modules integrated
    • Spinner System with "Covered Chuck" technology and automatic substrate pin lift
    • Multi piece process bowl (easily dismountable for cleaning purposes) with splash ring
    • Input display unit with touch 
    • Including software for PC / Notebook - For more comfortable recipe writing and storage
    • Including an ENGLISH manual on standard paper and a CD-ROM
    • Price without installation and training
    • Requires at least one chuck (Not included !) 

    Technical data:

    • Voltage: UAC= 3 x 400 V / N/PE/50 Hz (60Hz)/16A
    • Motor-Speed: 1 up to 6,000rpm in 1rpm steps 
    • Motor-Acceleration ramp: 1 up to 3,000 rpm/sec in steps 1rpm/sec 
    • Spinning time: 1 up to 999 s - Adjustable in 0.1 s steps
    • Substrate size: Up to Ø 12" (Ø 300 mm) or 9" x 9" (225 mm x 225 mm)
    • Process bowl: Standard made of Polypropylene (PP)
    • Process exhaust: Outer diameter Ø 110 mm, 200 m3/h
    • Cabinet exhaust: Outer diameter Ø 110 mm, 200 m3/h
    • Drain: Standard 5 liter PEHD waste tank with high-level sensor
    • Compressed air: Clean Dry Air (CDA) 8 ± 2 bar
    • Vacuum: -0.8 ± 0.2 bar
    • Nitrogen (N2), optional: 4.0 ± 0.5 bar
    • CE marked system

    Chuck: Option

    Dispense: Option

    Nozzle: Option

Dies ist ein kundenspezifisches Produkt bei dem eine sehr hohe Anzahl an Optionen zur Verfügung steht. Bitte kontaktieren Sie unseren Vertrieb für weitere Informationen und Unterstützung um ein auf Ihre Bedürfnisse angepasstes Produkt zu erhalten.

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